About Us

About StockExplain News Service:

StockExplain.com was started in late 2010, to deliver trusted news on Indian stocks. For achieving this objective, StockExplain News Service was formed as a professional and independent news reporting service, managed by a group of senior financial journalists and media executives.

We report on key developments in the Indian market and individual stocks, on a daily basis, and in a timely fashion. What we pick to cover daily may appear unique, as, based on our decade-long experience, we try to focus on market developments that are of critical importance, but which are relatively under-reported.

For example, while many media tend to report what market-movers are saying, we give priority to unravel and report what market-movers are doing on a daily basis.

All our news reports are backed by expert industry inputs and authentic data, which are verifiable by domain experts, but often not in the limelight and missed by retail investors.

We are not affiliated with any brokerages or investment groups, and we don't do any kind of proprietary trading, or trading on behalf of anyone.

We query concerned management/promoters and industry/market sources, but we reserve the final view to our journalists - a highly experienced professional team handling the reporting - and always in alignment with sterling standards in honest news reporting.

About Our Team:

StockExplain is managed by a six-member team of financial journalists and executives, with the most experienced among them having a track-record of more than ten years in financial journalism and having handled Editor-in-Chief's function at an established print media house for more than nine years.

Our core team is backed by experts in fundamental / technical analysis, accounting, engineering, software/database management, and instructional design. We started publishing in late 2010, and since the last one year, StockExplain's office is at Kochi, Kerala, India.

Syndication of StockExplain News Reports:

If you represent any mainstream media house or brokerage, and would like to syndicate StockExplain News Reports regularly as a column for your publications or daily reports, you may contact editors@stockexplain.com. Syndication is available on attractive terms.

Please feel free to contact us for any other editorial / content requirements in the stock market investment  and financial / business journalism domains.

Contact Us:

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Our Writers

Tony J, Associate Editor & Senior Writer:

Tony has been working in print media for six years before joining us, and specialized in capital market coverage with a stress on governance issues. He holds postgraduate degrees in Economics and Business Administration, and has identified several growth stocks from their infancy.

Contact: tony.j@stockexplain.com

Ram NN, Assistant Editor & Senior Writer:

Ram handled banking sector and NBFCs during his five year stint with vernacular financial media, and later specialized in fundamental analysis, before joining our team. He is a postgraduate in Business and a postgraduate diploma holder in Business Journalism.

Contact: ram.nn@stockexplain.com

Mohammed K, Special Correspondent:

Mohammed has been with Indian vernacular media before joining us, is a linguist by birth, and dabbled in a few writing fields before focusing on financial space for the last four years. He holds dual postgraduate degrees in English and Business Administration.

Contact: mohammed.k@stockexplain.com

A Vidya, Staff Reporter:

Vidya has been with regional and national media houses for four years before joining us, and has handled stock columns for two financial publications in print. Also a technical analysis buff, she did her post graduation in commerce and also holds a PG diploma in journalism with specialisation in financial writing.

Contact: a.vidya@stockexplain.com